Castles of the Loire Valley

Castles of the Loire Valley - Tour from Paris with hotel pick up


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Fairy tale castles, towers, turrets, moats, drawbridges and landscaped gardens - the Loire Valley has it all, making it perhaps the most romantic region in France. The entire Loire Valley has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a tour of the valley is like taking a trip back in time to discover the rich history of France and explore its architecture.Each castle of the Loire Valley has its own unique style and appeal, as is evident on a tour of the Chambord, Clos Lucé and Chenonceau castles. The Chambord castle has a fascinating double helix staircase while the gardens and forests of Chenonceau are also a beautiful sight to behold.Get a glimpse into the lifestyle of the French nobility and marvel at the architecture and fascinating history of France in the castles of the Loire Valley.


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