Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
Photo taken August 2006

Mannerheiminaukio 2
at Arkadiagatan
Helsinki Finland FIN-00100 Finland
+358 (0)9 1733 6501

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geo: 60.171443,24.9372909
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Kiasma opened in May 1998. During the opening weekend, the museum attracted 30,000 visitors. Kiasma has subsequently established its position as a national, and especially a local, meeting place, and has been visited by over 2 million visitors.

The name derives from 'chiasm', which stands for an intersection, particularly the crossing of optic nerves. The building was designed by the American architect and watercolorist Steven Holl. ''The spaces of Kiasma are designed to embody a roughness that is typical of places where contemporary art best comes into its own. Features which develop naturally in old factories and warehouses have in Kiasma been given a new, deliberate form, expressing an austerity characteristic of working spaces. ''   Read more »

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